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Podcast Series: Series 2

Jacksons Law Firm has launched it’s second series of #WhatsTheLawPod.

There are three episodes in this Podcast series looking at buying a house, Cohabitation Agreements and making a Will.

If you are moving into your first home, and have no idea where to start, then listen to our Podcast.  It will provide you with solid and practical advice so that you can concentrate on that all important moving in date.

So, are you moving in together and haven’t tied the knot yet? (i.e. not married or in a Civil Partnership).  Most importantly, if you haven’t already entered into a Cohabitation Agreement yet, you might think differently after listening to some of the stories we have on our Podcast of people who were badly affected once things went bad.

Having a Will made up should be something we all think about as soon as we can.  It’s not something that should be left until you are older.  Protect  yourself and your family to ensure you are all financially secure

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