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Pay As You Go

pay as you goWe appreciate that some clients prefer the more traditional funding option of paying for our services on a Pay as you go ‘time-spent’ basis as opposed to via an annual subscription or bespoke retainer, equally, not all of our services will suit a fixed-fee arrangement.

We therefore operate the following hourly rates where we charge for work on an ad hoc basis:

  • Head of Department / Partner £220 plus VAT per hour
  • Senior Associate / Associate £180 plus VAT per hour
  • Assistant Solicitor £150 plus VAT per hour

Our hourly rates are kept under review and we feel offer genuine value for money in keeping with our lawyers’ high level of expertise and the market for comparable legal services.

We will always give our clients an estimate of our anticipated charges at the outset of any instruction and are happy to place an initial cap on our fees if requested to do so. We then notify clients when the fee estimate or cap is approaching and provide an updated estimate for any further work that may be required to conclude the matter before obtaining the client’s approval to proceed.

If you have any questions about Jacksons Pay-as-you-go or any of our other funding options, please contact us and a member of the Employment Team will be happy to speak to you.

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