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What to do with an extra hour?

Posted on 29th October, 2018

Every year, since 1916 in this country, we have turned our clocks back in the autumn and forward in the spring. This ritual, designed to make better use of daylight and to improve productivity, is a bi-annual talking point when we consider losing or gaining an hours sleep.

However, if the clock change did not take place at 1am what would you do with the extra hour?

Last week at Jacksons we asked a number of our team leaders what they would do in their team, for themselves and what they would like their clients to do.  Here are some of their responses:

Heather Snowdon, Head of our Family team

Team – team bonding – we could abseil down the Tyne Bridge
Clients – do yoga, family issues are stressful
Me – riding a horse or walking the dogs on Saltburn beach

Amie Callan, Head of Finance

Team – improvement activities to seek innovation and continuous improvement.
Clients – follow through on outstanding actions and check information for accuracy – Amie’s clients are the Jacksons fee earners!
Me – spend time with family

Michael Sproates, Litigation solicitor

Team – promote the department and tidy my desk!
Clients – spend an hour documenting important discussions so we have evidence if there is a dispute
Me – an extra hour playing golf or surfing.

Erica Turner, Head of Commercial Property

Team – team exercises. E.g. yoga
Clients – take time to provide feedback on service we provide
Me – work on my cooking skills

Karen Robinson, Head of Marketing

Team- catch up with admin
Clients – shout a bit more about how brilliant they are at what they do – my clients are our fee earners
Me – go for a run!

Andrea Hanna, Head of Residential Property

Team – do some statistics for team performance and land registry requisitions
Clients – complete our feedback forms to provide some stats!
Me – sleep or go for a run

So, as I write this on a Monday morning we could ask the final question; what did you do, but we believe all of our staff should have at least an hour of private downtime at a weekend!

What would you answer to the questions above? Let us know.

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