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The Social Gene – Jacksons’ Podcast

Posted on 2nd December, 2019

Last week we launched our first Podcast Series, The 4 Ps; Planning, Property, People and Problems.  Declan Williams from The Social Gene helped us create and develop the Podcast.   This is what he has to say about the journey from concept, through to launch, and working with our team.

Earlier this year I delivered a digital marketing presentation at one of Jacksons’ popular TS18 breakfast events. When you’re invited to speak about digital, you never know how much prior knowledge an audience may have so being technical can often result in disengagement. I decided to share twenty ‘take away tips’ that could help improve and enhance any digital marketing strategy.  This always goes down a treat.

One of the tips was to think about starting a branded podcast. In hindsight, I think I can remember seeing Jane and Karen’s face light up when I mentioned this. A tip that definitely grabbed their attention.

Podcasts are booming. Between 2013 and 2018 the number of weekly listeners in the UK almost doubled from 3.2m to 5.9m ( and there appears to be no let-up. The growth is evident in every age range, but it is particularly prevalent in the 15-24 years age group with one in five now listening to podcasts every week. Jacksons identified that creating a podcast could be a way to attract and market to this younger demographic.

The firm needed a unique attention-grabbing concept to kickstart the campaign. I’m sure the team at Jacksons won’t mind me saying that the topic of law can be perceived as a somewhat dry subject. I lead a three-hour discovery session with the team where we discussed how we could inject some humour and insight into the podcast. It’s very important to bear in mind that podcasts should NEVER be a hard sell.

Most importantly, we needed a name. We decided on ‘What’s The Law?’ The concept is that each series will dig into how the law affects various stages in a person’s life. In the first series we look at starting a business covering the 4 P’s; planning, property, people and problems. This series will help Jacksons reach out to new and growing businesses as they expressed an interest in engaging with tech and creative start-ups.

Each episode of the first series also features interviews from North East business owners who have a variety of different backgrounds.

We had a lot of fun on recording day and we hope that people agree this is evident. Nothing beats hearing the human voice. It’s why radio is so popular. It can help to humanise your brand. You’ll understand how we achieved this by listening to the episodes. The mix of voices really injects character and interest.

It’s been a pleasure working with Jacksons on such an exciting project and we’re excited to see where it leads their content marketing strategy. It’s important that businesses ‘move with the times’ and it’s exciting to see a law firm truly address the notion of ‘standing out from the crowd’.

We’ve already got Series Two on the way which will launch early 2020.

Declan Williams – The Social Gene


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