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History of the River Tees


How many of you cross the River Tees each day without giving a second thought to the history of this great river?   Stockton on Tees owes much of its development to the River Tees.
The source of the Tees lies in the North Pennies from where it flows eastwards for 85 miles to the North Sea.

Lifting the Corporate Veil in Health and Safety Cases


The introduction of sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences has seen a significant increase in the level of fines and penalties imposed for breaches.

Farming families… a cautionary tale


In recent months we have seen a number of appeals against decisions in proprietary estoppel cases. The consequences in each case have had an enormous impact on the families involved.

ICC Cricket World Cup: Court out?


As an avid fan of the game, I have been looking at the approach taken by the courts when assessing the right to enjoy the game against the risk of injury and damage to property.

Teesside Optimism

Teesside Optimism


Bob Cuffe talks about his love of Teesside in this weeks #Janesblog.

Trainee Life at Jacksons


Two of the most challenging, but rewarding, experiences of my life so far include reaching the 4,000 metre summit of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo and becoming a mum.  My life of life as a trainee solicitor is another example.

Discrimination against religion or belief


Following a week in which Danny Baker’s dismissal by the BBC emphasised the blurring of boundaries between personal and work lives, specifically where an individual’s use of social media which is considered to be not in their employer’s best interests, our Employment department takes a look at

Growing your Tech business


In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of technology start-ups being formed in the UK.

Partnership and parenthood


Just over a week ago I was asked to speak to Radio Tees about an article that had appeared in the Financial Times under the heading “ Can you Be a Partner in a Law Firm and a mother”.  Following on from this I have been mulling this heading with some concern.

Dungeons, Dragons and Fire

Dungeons, Dragons and Fire


There were several interesting legal stories in the press this week.

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