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Indian Summer Over


I cannot remember a summer like this one since the heady days of 1969. Although only a child back then I can still recall racing home from school every September afternoon to enjoy the everlasting sunshine among the dams and dens by the old railway line at Potto Beck.

1876 and all that


1876 was a very special year:
Queen Victoria became the Empress of India
Prime minister Disraeli was made Earl of Beaconsfield
The Settle-Carlisle railway opened to passenger traffic
Lewis Carroll’s ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ was published
Port Vale football club was formed
Mary Su

Who will make decisions if I can’t?


I am making plans this weekend as it is a week to my summer holidays and I am busy delegating! Part of having a restful holiday is knowing that you have covered off client matters and management tasks so that it is business as usual for everyone while you are away.

Back to School, the New ‘Work’ Year and Training


There is something funny about September and that is, that even though in my case at least it is many years since I was at school and that even my children no longer follow this timetable, September always feels like the start of a new “work” year.




Over the last couple of weeks a number of things have made me think about how lucky we are to be based in the north east and also how proud we should be about the things that are happening in our area.

A Trainee’s Lot


When I was deciding what to say in this week’s blog I thought I would write about Jacksons’ trainee solicitor programme and how we take a new trainee every six months and how proud we are of our role as a training practice.

Jacksons Law Firm and the Meeting in the Secret Tower

Jacksons Law Firm and the Meeting in the Secret Tower


You may be wondering at this point if J.K.

And I thought August was meant to be quiet…………….


We are always told that traditionally, August is meant to be quiet with everyone taking their summer holidays but this week at Jacksons we have been bucking the trend.

What does the man on the Clapham Omnibus think of the legal profession?


Back many years ago, one of the standards for judging what the man in the street would think was referred to from case law as how something would be judged by the man on the Clapham omnibus.

It’s officially summer!


No-one could dispute that summer had arrived last week. The temperature soared and in an office with no air conditioning like ours fans were on full pelt and the windows were uncharacteristically wide open.

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