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Welcome to our new apprentices!

Posted on 9th September, 2019

After returning from my summer holiday last week, I was really looking forward to meeting the new staff who had joined Jacksons whilst I was away, in particular our apprentices.

It is always really interesting meeting young people in the workplace, especially if it is their first job as they are so full of energy and very enthusiastic.  I would like to think I was exactly the same at that age but to be honest, I can’t remember it was too long ago!

I was keen to find out why our apprentices chose Jacksons, over other organisations, as a place to work and what their hopes and expectations are.  Here is what some of them had to say:

“I initially chose Jacksons as I believed it would be the perfect place to widen my knowledge and understanding of all things business administration. As a returning apprentice, I chose Jacksons as it is the most supportive, professional and welcoming environment in which I have ever worked! In returning to Jacksons I hope to achieve the same work ethic and determination all other Jacksons’ employees have around me, which I will be able to use throughout my life and in future career paths.”   Emma Oakley, Dispute Resolution, Stockton

“Job searches can be a confusing process of swimming through a sea of concerning employers and repeated and undesirable job matches. That’s why I consider myself lucky to have found Jacksons! I chose Jackson’s for its solid reputation as an award winning firm with a highly qualified team behind it that could grant me the ability and experience necessary to be as skilled in the future. I hope to progress to a higher proficiency within this welcoming and active workplace and gain the skills to potentially tutor new editions to the staff, take on newer and larger challenges and responsibilities, and hopefully rise to a paralegal position for the firm in the future.”  Ellis Miller, Commercial Property Apprentice, Stockton

“I chose to join Jacksons because I took Law as a subject in college and was really interested in it, and so I wanted to progress further into working in a law firm where I could work alongside people within the legal field and gain necessary experience and hopefully progress from there eventually.”  Sam Maprangala, Residential Conveyancing, Stockton

“Due to my interest in law from a young age and always wanting to further my education within an apprenticeship, Jacksons Law firm suited me perfectly! Within this role I really hope to learn how administrative work is beneficial for both the business and the clients, as well as expanding my knowledge on how myself and my colleagues help keep the business working.” Jessica Williams, New Build Apprentice, Newcastle

We have seen some really talented people join our firm through the apprenticeship scheme.  A great example of such is when Ellie McGavigan joined the firm as a receptionist.  It was clear from the beginning that Ellie was ambitious and was often offering assistance to other departments, including the marketing department where I work.  Ellie is now working in our private client team and has gone from strength to strength – she has obviously found her vocation and it is difficult to remember a time when she wasn’t part of the team.

At Jacksons we are really keen to support young people who have made the decision to go down the apprenticeship route, after all, there are so many opportunities these days.  Working closely with one of the region’s top apprentice provider, Learning Curve Group we have supported and mentored a number of young people through their apprenticeships, some of them being offered full time positions at Jacksons once they completed their training.

Our Managing Partner Jane Armitage plays a key role in the apprenticeship programme at Jacksons and is very hands on when it comes to supporting and mentoring our apprentices.  Jane is a great believer in not having to go down the conventional routes to have a successful career in law and that there are many different paths available to young people to do so these days.

We are very excited to see what the future brings for our apprentices whether they choose to fulfil their career at Jacksons or otherwise!

On behalf of the other partners and all the staff at Jacksons, I would like to wish all of our new apprentices lots of luck for the future.


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