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Challenging times

Posted on 8th June, 2017

It is difficult to know what to write about this week when the country is reeling from another terror attack and the politicians are battling it out in the last few days before the election. In terms of the election, I intend to make no comment. We will all know the score tomorrow morning. As to the terror attacks in both Manchester and London much has been written already about the bravery and resilience of the people faced with the most horrendous circumstances and our hearts go out to the families of the bereaved and seriously injured and those people who have witnessed unimaginable horror as they try to come to terms with recent events. The bravery and courage shown by our emergency services is incredible as is that of members of the public who stepped in to help. People from all walks of life, of all races and religions have shown the very best of humanity while a tiny group have shown the worst. Looking at the spirit of Londoners returning to work on Monday or the courage and determination of the young people refusing to be cowed at the concert in Manchester on Sunday evening are anything to go by this country has much to be proud of and a bright future.

Having said this, if these people can get on with their lives so then must the rest of us. At Jacksons last week we were thrilled to be finalists in four categories of the Northern Law Awards and even more delighted to be winners in the property team of the year category. We celebrated in style last Thursday night at the award ceremony but them wanting to include everyone on Monday morning and deciding 10am was too early for fizz enjoyed our favourite large celebration chocolate cakes. It is always said an army marches on its stomach and this firm is no exception to that rule.

Cake is very much in our mind at the moment though as the Butterwick Bake off is looming. For the last two years we have set up and run this event for the Butterwick Hospice but this year we have handed over the reins to the Butterwick fundraising team. We know it is a mammoth task to get this event organised but we know also that the Butterwick  fundraising team are the professionals and so we are excited about joining the event as guests this year. We are of course entering the competition and next Monday will be hosting our only internal bake off competition to decide who will represent on us in the three categories of the final competition. This is one of the highlights of our calendar year as we will meet and judge all the entries given their presentation, originality and of course their taste our full attention. There will then be a secret ballot each member of the firm voting for one entry in each category. We have not yet reached the heady heights of proportional representation on this one so it will be first past the post. If you haven’t entered the bake off before we recommend it and I am sure it is not too late to sneak in an entry or book a table for the event. Contact for more information.  It is a fun, team building activity and means that you can eat cake on a Monday morning! We need little excuse!


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