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Being at Trainee Solicitor at Jacksons Law Firm – Amy Tunnicliffe

Posted on 19th April, 2021

I feel like I have been at Jacksons for so long, it is like a second home. My first experience was doing some research for the trainees for a week when I was 17. I was overwhelmed at the detail that was required and decided right there and then that law was something that would continue to keep my brain occupied no matter how long I trained for.

This led to me working as an admin assistant over as many breaks from college and university that I possibly could. I loved working in the Wills, Trust and Probate department, as this was my first insight into the background work the admin teams do to ensure everything runs smoothly for the solicitors. The nerves were high, but the team welcomed me, and were always happy to help me whenever I was stuck.

Moving across to Residential Conveyancing was another eye opener. The sheer volumes of work coming in was staggering, and the quick turnaround times compared to the lengthy case matters I had seen in Probate was thrilling to me. Again, the nerves were high, but as with my previous team mates, everyone welcomed me into their little family, and I enjoyed that the hard work put in was recognised. It felt good to know that after giving so much of my time, I had gleaned an insight into the conveyancing process, gained valuable experience and made some excellent friends.

By being around to assist with the admin tasks, I think I established myself within the firm and when interviews for training contracts came around, I felt confident that they would see me as a strong team member. I was grateful to learn that the people I had worked alongside had put in a good word for me. I have just begun my first seat in Residential Conveyancing, which I love, and feel that there is an enormous amount of trust and support given to me by the team – you are free to run with what you know, and the team keep you calm in any difficulties. I have learned the whole basic process of conveyancing and have been given files of my own in both New Build and Bespoke, whilst also keeping on top of the department’s post completion work.

Having to work remotely through lockdown has been quite daunting, as there are certain things you can only do within the office, especially regarding post completion and sending out documents in the post. Emails start to feel like instant messaging, and you must remind yourself that you do not have to respond immediately, everyone is in the same boat, you can take breaks and you will still get the job done. The whole team has really supported each other, always ready to pick up the phone or drop you a friendly email. Despite distance working, I have never felt like the team has split or fractured, with updates from our team leader Jonathan throughout to make sure we are all on the same page and all can work to our highest standard. It truly is a little family, and everyone looks after each other.

Overall, I would say that being a trainee at Jacksons is like being in your home away from home. The people you work with become friends, the procedures that were once mind-blowing become second nature, and the education is constant. If you put in the work and show willing, there is a whole network of people ready to support you. I cannot wait to start my next seat and learn a whole new set of skills, within a whole new little family.

Amy Tunnicliffe, Trainee Solicitor

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