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Financial Matters

When going through a separation or divorce, financial matters is often the first and most worrying factor that a person will think of. People often worry about how their assets will be divided and how much their partner will receive.

Jacksons always encourage amicable communication between separating parties where possible. If parties disagree over every aspect of the financial matters then it becomes very complex and expensive. It is always our best intentions to settle matters in a smoother and less expensive process for our clients. We support our clients through the negotiation process and where necessary direct them to an independent mediator with the intention of avoiding the high costs and intimidating court arena.

Some options of orders to be made including those by the court or parties themselves include Short or long term regular maintenance payments , lump sum payments, division of pensions or assets and transfer or sale of property.
We ensure that you will receive the legal advice to ensure that you make the right decision over finances.
We also advise on situations whereby a party is seeking to vary or enforce an order. If circumstances change whereby the order may not be able to continue then the court has power to vary that order or this can be agreed between parties by consent.

If one of the parties is not complying with the order then you can apply to the court to enforce part or all of an order made within financial proceedings. It is important to note that where a financial order has been breached it is important to make an application for enforcement as soon as possible as certain time limitations may apply. The court may then enforce the following orders:

  • Attachment of earnings order
  • Charging order
  • Third party debt order
  • Order for the sale of property
  • Seizing stock or goods


Please call a member of our team to find out how we can help with financial matters or to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your options and give legal advice regarding grandparents rights.

Alternatively, please contact us online and we will get back to you.

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