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Family Law

Welcome to the family law department. If you require assistance in relation to protective planning for your future or, in the unfortunate circumstances when your relationship has broken down, we will listen and support you moving forward.

If you are intending to, or are already living together as an unmarried couple and you would like to ensure that the assets you have built up prior to the relationship are protected, Our family law department can advise you in relation to cohabitation agreements. There may be circumstances where a family member has gifted you money towards a property for example and they want this to remain confidential and that in the event of separation you will receive the benefit of those funds rather than your partner. We can also discuss the benefits of a Deed of Trust.

Whilst going through the planning stages for marriage you may wish to consider a pre-nuptial agreement. This may not seem romantic but it is a good way to reduce potential disagreements within the marriage relating to property and protect intended ownership. Finances are known to be a major cause of arguments, and are frequently a significant factor in marital breakdown. This type of agreement would clarify exactly what both party should expect to leave the marriage with in the event of separation.

It is a sad fact, but not all marriages will work and in these circumstances we can advise you in relation to divorce and judicial separation. There are a number of reasons why relationships fall apart. However, if you truly believe that there is no prospect of reconciliation, we can advise and assist you during these difficult times. Financial security is often a worry, particularly where a couple have lived together for a long time and have children. We will always consider whether mediation is suitable for you and will always try and help you to reach an amicable agreement. However, in circumstances where an agreement cannot be reached, you may require a Judge to make a decision as to what is fair. We will explain the court process and assist throughout. We believe that this is a last resort as we understand that the Court arena is an intimidating place for most people.

Our Family Law Solicitors Heather Snowdon and Emma Canham have ranging wide range of experience in dealing with issues relating to arrangements for children of the family, particularly in relation to which parent your child/ children live with and who they spend time with. If you are a grandparent, and want to ensure that you continue to have a relationship with your grandchild, we can advise you in relation to grandparents rights and guide you through the process of establishing this wherever possible.

We meet and advise people from all different backgrounds and situations, some who are excitedly planning for the future and others dealing with making difficult decisions . You are welcome to meet with one of our solicitors for a free half hour consultation to share your experience and find out how we can advise and assist in moving forward. With offices in Newcastle upon Tyne and Teesside we are well placed to help clients in any area of the North East including Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Redcar, Peterlee, Durham, Sunderland, Gateshead, Newcastle and Northumberland.

If required, we can call upon the specialist advice of our colleagues who have experience of giving advice on pensions, mortgages, tax allowance and reliefs.

We can help you in all aspects of family law including:

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Emma, thank you again everything you have done for me your service and attention to detail has been exemplary.


The matrimonial department at Jacksons law firm represented me during a very stressful and emotional time in my life. They demonstrated compassion and empathy and reassured me every step of the way. They were professional, thorough and responsive to my needs. Any questions or queries were answered promptly and legal terminology was explained to me in lay mans terms. I cannot speak more highly of this department and would certainly recommend this firm to friends and family.


Louisa is extremely good at what she does, always listens and is very helpful.


Professional, friendly and we felt in no way rushed at any time. Emma was delight to talk to. 10/10


I was previously with another law firm before coming to Jacksons and experienced a big difference in speed, professionalism and help.


The Family Dept at Jacksons Law have proven themselves to have an ongoing willingness to consider alternative forms of dispute resolution, which I believe is testament to their commitment to achieve great results for their clients. Jacksons Family Dept have built a solid reputation for sound legal advice clients can trust.

Nicola Crowther, Crowther Mediation

'Louisa was very professional and helpful, excellent service’.


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