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Jun 5
Unpicking the proposals for the new Primary Care Mandatory Network Agreement. Morning Session

08:30 am - 10:30 am
Jacksons Law Firm, 17 Falcon Court, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, Stockton on Tees, TS18 3TU

At the end of January 2019, NHS England published a five-year framework for GP services. A core element of this framework is the concept of the delivery of an integrated care system through Primary Care Networks. Primary Care Networks will become the conduit for a significant proportion of front line health care funding. It is intended that general practices will take the leading role in the delivery Primary Care Networks.

The new “Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service” agreement (“DES”), pursuant to which collaborative network services will be delivered, is due to go live on 1st July 2019. You will probably have already signed and registered your network and may now be wondering “what do we do next?” Some of the questions that you may be asking might include:

  • How do we structure and manage our collaborative network?
  • How will we implement the sharing of resources and the provision of shared services ?
  • How will we engage and manage shared staff?
  • How will we manage the finances associated with the collaborative services?
  • What are the VAT implications of the network arrangements?

Jacksons Law Firm, and Mitchells Grievson Chartered Accountants are hosting a FREE seminar on 5th June for GPs and Practice Managers to help them understand the purpose of the networking arrangements and the legal and financial structures which are available to achieve those purposes. We will help you to answer the questions outlined above, as well as other questions and concerns that you may have.

Our keynote speakers include legal and financial experts who have a number of years’ experience advising GPs on running their practices successfully.


Food will be provided so please let us know of any dietary requirements when booking. There is free car parking at the venue.

Please book for the event using the booking link below. For more information please contact Caroline Noble at or call 01642 873722.


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