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Jacksons’ Volume Debt Recovery

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and, when you are owed monies beyond agreed terms, it is vital for the ongoing success and sustainability of a company to collect bad debts in a timely manner.

Taking on the task to recover debt is often an in-house job but it’s a time-consuming process and usually without immediate reward.

Instructing lawyers to recover bad debt might be something you think would be costly. However, our “no recovery, no fee” or “charge per letter” service makes our Volume Debt Recovery Service a very cost-effective way to recover debt.

As well as our favourable charging structure, our Debt Recovery team has a proven track record of successfully recovering volume debts for clients, from SMEs to national organisations, across a wide range of sectors.

This means clients can focus on managing and developing their people, services and products, instead of chasing monies.

Our service, has just three easy steps to recovering debt owed to you:

Step 1: You provide your debtors’ information on a spreadsheet that we provide.

Step 2: We send a Jacksons formal letter requesting payment (wording pre-agreed with you to suit your company’s tone).

Step 3: Your debtors pay the debt directly to us via our online system and monies will be transferred to you, along with your other collected debts, less our fees.

It really is that simple and we can tailor the process to you to ensure it meets your requirements.

The beauty of the service is, if you choose the “no recovery, no fee”* option, if we don’t recover you don’t pay, this is a risk-free service. We can charge a “per letter” fee* if that is preferable, with our fees deducted from the sums recovered. We can discuss which option and pricing structure would suit your requirements best.

And, whilst we cannot guarantee a debtor will pay the debt, generally a reminder from a lawyer does reap rewards. Whilst the service does not extend to us starting court action, on the occasions where the debtor still doesn’t pay, we can advise you of further options, should you wish to pursue a formal claim.

If you would like to discuss our Volume Debt Recovery Service with one of the team, please contact us on 01642 356 500 for a free, no obligation chat.

* Please note that the pricing structure for this service is different from our general debt recovery service as set out on this website in our fees page.


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