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Equine Law Services

Equine Law Services imageOwning and working with horses is both enjoyable and rewarding. However, it does come with financial and health risks.

From disputes over ownership and professional negligence, to riding accident claims and sales/purchase disputes, our equine legal experts represent you from small claims to High Court.

With over 24 years’ experience in equine claims, we can help you with our range equestrian legal services.


Over the years we have extensive experience dealing with all types of equine claims.

Our clients have ranged from professional riders competing in various disciplines and riders who keep horses as a pet, to owners of riding establishments.

For most part Jacksons was the NFU Panel Firm acting for all NFU Mutual insureds under the insureds Horse & Rider policy.

Through this work, we have dealt with disputes including:

  • Ownership
  • Horse riding accident claims
  • Professional negligence claims against farriers, veterinarians and trainers
  • Bailment claims against livery yards
  • Disputes over the sale or purchase of horses, to the extent that we even offer expert advice at the point of buying and selling a horse.
  • Breaches of contract, including where the seller fails to disclose an issue pre purchase, or a veterinarian fails to identify a condition pre purchase, with result the buyer completes the transaction without knowledge that the horse has an impairment either physical or psychological.

We have also represented clients in a diverse range of equine claims, reaching successful outcomes in the court, ranging from small claims court to the High Court.

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