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Dispute Resolution and Debt Recovery

Disputes are, quite often, unavoidable and need resolving quickly.  Jacksons’ specialist dispute resolution team is experienced in dealing with a wide range of litigious claims and has built its reputation in the North East of England, and nationally, for resolving disputes effectively and swiftly.

The vast majority of unresolved contested litigation will invariably end up within the Court system and our team are well versed in the Civil Procedure Rules.   Litigation is perceived to be expensive and, make no mistake, the vast majority of claims will be expensive. However, at Jacksons we combat this by ensuring that we can put in place a fee structure which means that your legal costs are kept to a minimum.

In every dispute, there is a window of opportunity to resolve the claim on the best terms possible for clients.  We have an excellent track record at recovering legal costs if the dispute is not capable of settlement.  Litigious claims do not always have to end up in Court, we can discuss alternative ways of resolving your claim including mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Some of the more common areas of litigation which we have a wealth of experience in are:

Contractual Dispute

We can all find ourselves embroiled in contractual disputes.  These disputes are wide ranging and can involve just a few thousand pounds to millions of pounds.  We have experience of dealing with large commercial contract litigations claims at the higher end of contractual disputes running into millions of pounds.  Some of these disputes require the outside assistance of expert witnesses and in this situation we are able to call on a number of reliable professionals whom we have worked with over a number of years.  We act for both suppliers and purchasers in relation to disputes over contract terms, products supplied and losses incurred.

Professional Negligence

Unfortunately, we are quite often let down by the professional whose advice and opinion we rely so much on.  We deal with claims against veterinary surgeons, architects, surveyors, solicitors, accountants, engineers and designers; this is not an exhaustive list.  We also act for professionals defending claims arising from allegations of professional negligence.

Equine Dispute

Jacksons has a national reputation of handling many complex equine claims for over 16 years.  We have helped many clients all over the UK on a wide range of equine disputes.  The diversity of claims means we must be prepared for the unexpected.  One of the most common claims is between the buyer and the seller when it is alleged the horse turns out to be not what the buyer believed he was getting,  We deal with Animal’s Act litigation; road traffic act claim for injuries to horse and rider, personal injury and damage to property, breaches of livery agreement and claims brought in the tort of bailment.

Debt Recovery

Jacksons has, for half a century, been synonymous with recovering money owed to client from businesses and organisations in the North East.  We recognise how fundamentally important it is to maintain a healthy cash flow.  Cash flow generates business – fact.  We have developed a team of lawyers who work hard to ensure our clients receive a fast and efficient debt recovery service.  Whether you are an individual, sole trader, or a large business, we can ensure that the debt which you are owed is recovered quickly and without any fuss.


Our team has an excellent track recover of recovering CCJs and has a wealth of knowledge of the enforcement rules.

Landlord and Tenant Dispute

We have vast experience dealing with residential claims for possession, recovery of arrears and housing management issues.  From straightforward service of a section 21 Housing Act Notice, through to nuisance issues and seeking injunctions and problems arising from the buy to let market, we have a team of legally trained staff to deal with your claim.

Property Litigation

Jacksons has a dedicated specialist’s property litigation team to handle claims relating to both commercial and residential property.  We have considerable experience conducting disputes for freehold and leasehold properties, advising upon rent arrears, breaches of covenants and dilapidations for commercial leasehold premises.  We also have adopted a practical approach to ensure costs do not escalate unnecessarily.

Consumers Protection and Product Liability

Just as you would expect from a team of legal advisors, we are well versed in the existing Sale of Goods legislation as well as the recently implemented Consumer Rights Act.  We are able to deal with all disputes in relation to defective or misrepresented goods/services regardless of whether these have been purchased at a trader’s premises, off-premises or, alternatively in dealing with goods/services which have been purchased using finance or credit.

We are able to offer our expertise to both consumers and businesses.


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