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Meet the Partners | Peter Robinson

Posted on 4th August, 2021

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Peter Robinson, Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial.

I help businesses start up and grow until they float years later and all corporate transactions in between, using nous and experience, adding value and being a client’s commercial sounding board. Hopefully with a sense of humour.

All of the above translates into corporate transactional work: company and business sales, acquisitions, private equity, investment and shareholder arrangements, corporate structures and reorganisations, IPOS, listed company work, governance and directors’ duties – anything with a transactional /deal element. Corporate as opposed to commercial.

2. Where did you go to school/university?

Easington Comprehensive, then Peterlee College, then the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

3. What brought you to work in Teesside and Jacksons in particular?

An exciting time for Teesside and its business community at the moment. Jacksons seems to be a business that is open to listen to new ideas and try different things and I like that culture – not everywhere has that.

4. How has your first month at Jacksons been?

It’s been great meeting new people – everyone has been extremely welcoming.

5. How has the North East changed in the 20 years since you have been back?

Well there’s been some pretty big disruptive events in the last 20 years: credit crunch, recession, the political context, JEREMIE, Brexit, the pandemic…. the landscape has inevitably changed as a result.

But the North East generally has some terrific assets – its people, its Universities, its cultural growth, its innovations and growth in green energy, digital, health and life sciences. Our attitude is good and we are getting things done. I don’t think that fundamental has changed.

6. How do you see the future for the region?

It’s an exciting time with a huge amount of opportunities. Treasury North will create its own local impetus, confidence and job opportunities, investment in the Teesside Offshore Manufacturing Centre, the freeport status, increased interest in Teesside International Airport, etc are all terrific in their own right. The ITDC and the TeesAMP are all creating buzz and a real sense of energy and given that the region is very well placed geographically, it may well become one of the most vibrant digital hubs in the UK.

7. What projects have you been involved with which you are most proud to be associated with?

From time to time I’ve been asked which has been (from my POV) my best deal. There’s been a few but of particular note was working with the management team of an IT systems and software provider through the early noughties, representing and advising them on their original buy out from their previous PLC owner, then being on the journey with them through to their exit in 2008, and working with them on some pretty significant projects in between.

The sale was possibly one of the most perfect deals I‘ve worked on – great clients, great buyer, tough negotiations and the conclusion of a successful deal with all parties feeling very happy and a with great working relationship, in all sorts of ways.

We then retained the relationship after completion and acted on a number of acquisitions for the buyer’s group, which is always a real and unexpected pleasure. Most of the original team have now retired but we still get together now and again for a celebratory drink or three. One of the nicest things ever said about me was at one of the retirement do’s where one of the team spoke genuinely and eloquently – for about 5 minutes – about me and how much I’d helped and guided him over the years. I couldn’t have scripted it better if I’d tried and if smart ‘phones had been in vogue at the time social media would never see the end of it….

8. What do you do to keep in touch with the business community in the area?

BD is essentially a long-term game of building relationships and that takes time. To meet someone, get to know someone, and build trust. People buy from people.

Under that umbrella then it’s all routes to keep in touch and build that long term relationship – easy coffee one to ones (virtual or otherwise), attending events (virtual or otherwise), hosting joint seminars, zooms, teams and good old fashioned ‘phone calls, working with clients on their matters and fighting alongside them in the ditches if you have to.

9. What is the best thing about working at Jacksons?

The people. Their attitude. Willingness to listen and openness to ideas.


Peter Robinson, Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial.

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