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Employment Documents | Time for a review?

Posted on 28th April, 2021

Free Employment Document Audit

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how we live, shop and socialise, all in the space of a little over a year.

Thankfully, lockdown restrictions are easing, and more businesses were able to get back to work following the reopening of non-essential shops and services on 12 April 2021.

The pandemic has also had a huge impact on the way we work and where we work. Employers have had to adapt to new ways of working that comply with the ever-changing government rules. As we move towards normality it is likely that some of these changes may become permanent and further flexibility will be required for the inevitable bumps in the road ahead.

With so many alterations to working practices, it is important that employers keep their employment documentation – their contracts, policies and procedures or staff handbooks – up to date. These documents define the parties’ various rights and obligations, many of which will have been affected by the pandemic.

Employers may wish to introduce or update certain policies, such as flexible working and/or homeworking policies, as society moves away from traditional office-based 9 to 5 model of work. Holiday and sickness absence policies will need updating in light of the potential need for staff to self-isolate in line with Covid-19 guidance or quarantine when returning from abroad. New policies relating to vaccination or testing may need to be introduced while it is important to consider the data protection implications that any updates or new policies will have.

At Jacksons Law Firm we are committed to supporting businesses with employment law and HR matters and more information about the importance of employment documentation can be found on our website:

Now that the worst of the pandemic is hopefully over, we recommend that all businesses carry out a review of their employment documentation to ensure that it is still fit for purpose.

We offer a free ‘Employment Documents Audit’ whereby we will review your contracts and staff handbook without charge and then suggest improvements, where necessary, or recommend any additional policies and procedures which would benefit your business.

Fingers crossed we have seen the last of lockdowns and while visiting the shops, the hairdressers or the pub may be higher priorities, remember to add reviewing your employment documentation to your list of things to do or better still contact the Employment Team at Jacksons.

For more information about employment documentation or the Employment Documents Audit please contact Matthew Rowlinson, Employment Solicitor at Jacksons Law Firm e: t: 0191 206 9617.

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