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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Co-ownership of Property

Co-ownership of Property


Wall v Munday [2018] EWHC 879 (Ch) sheds light upon the importance of addressing property affairs and in particular co-ownership, when a co-owner is faced with circumstantial changes affecting parties’ ownership rights. A married couple held freehold property as joint tenants. Following a fall out and divorce, Munday left the property. There were discussions about […]

Jacksons Law Firm supports Dragonfly Cancer Trust


North East based Charity; Dragonfly Cancer Trust (formerly known as Josie’s Dragonfly) recently re-located to new premises at Mea House in Newcastle City Centre.  The charity begins a new chapter in the city after spending six years in Hexham.   Dragonfly Cancer Trust was established in 2007 in memory of Josie Grove, who herself lost […]

Waiting for Rent Payment?

Waiting for Rent Payment?


In a commercial context, a landlord’s main aims are to ensure consistent rent payment of sums due under the lease. Where that is not the case, landlords will want to rectify matters as soon as possible. Considerations for deciding which method to adopt include: 1. If the arrears are an isolated incident; 2. Whether to […]

Discrimination in the Workplace


As the Saville and Weinstein scandals have so starkly highlighted, certain conduct which may have been considered acceptable at one stage is rightly no longer being tolerated. This and other cultural shifts in what is acceptable behaviour towards people of different ethnicities, or with disabilities, has resulted in increased publicity for equality in the workplace […]

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