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Sector Specific Employment Law Advice

Posted on 12th February, 2018

Jacksons Law Firm has been advising clients for over 140 years and during that time we have supported clients across a broad range of sectors and given employment law advice in sector specific areas. We know that to provide the best quality practical advice to our clients we have to tailor our advice to suit the particular needs of the organisation and the sector in which they operate. You can read more about our experience in providing employment law advice to clients across a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, construction and engineering and agriculture, here on our website. (

Employment status is one area of employment law that has featured heavily in the media in recent times and has implications for a range of different sectors, some perhaps more than others. We are sure many of you will have seen the recent news coverage about a number of cases on employment status, particularly in what is referred to as the ‘gig economy’. We have been discussing the implications of these cases with our clients who operate in a range of different sectors where self-employed contractors are often used as part of their business operations. We have been highlighting how important it is for employers to review the employment status of individuals in their business to ensure the way in which they are paid, and the rights they are provided with, reflect their true employment status. An appeal on employment status (Pimlico Plumbers v Smith A2/2015/0196) is due to be heard in the Supreme Court on 20-21 February 2018 to consider whether the plumber in question was a ‘worker’ under the Employment Rights Act 1996 and the Working Time Regulations 1998 and/or ‘in employment’ under the Equality Act 2010. We will provide an update once the judgment has been delivered.

Another example of sector specific advice we provide to clients involve those who operate in the care sector who have sought advice from us on various issues particularly relevant to their industry, including night worker and national minimum wage issues. We have experience of advising in both of those areas.

At Jacksons Law Firm we have an education team who provide advice to clients on a broad range of issues affecting the education sector. In an employment law context, we have advised clients in connection with academy conversions and TUPE matters.

Jacksons Law Firm has been on the National Farmers Union (NFU) Legal Panel for the North East of England for a number of years and has been providing legal advice to NFU members for more than 30 years. We have a team of agricultural specialists and provide advice on a range of legal issues, including employment advice.

Our message is clear, while our employment laws apply equally to all employers who carry out work in the UK, we understand the importance of recognising sector specific advice and the particular requirements of the sector in which a business operates when providing practical advice to our clients.

Please contact one of our Employment Solicitors if you would like to hear more about our experience in different sector specific areas or if you require any employment law advice.

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