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Should civil partnerships be open to all couples?

Posted on 26th April, 2017

There has been a sparked debate recently regarding the issue of couples being treated differently depending on whether they are a same sex-couple or a mixed-sex couple.

The question asked was;

“At the moment same-sex couples can get married or enter into a civil partnership but mixed-sex couples can only get married. In February 2017 the Court of Appeal in England ruled that the current situation cannot continue as it means couples are being treated differently. The government will now have to decide on the future for civil partnerships. Some people believe the government should now make civil partnerships available to all; others think they should be removed completely so that marriage is the only option. Thinking about the future of civil partnerships, which of the following do you think should happen?”

This generated a varied response with the majority of 57 per cent of respondents answering that all couples should be allowed the right to obtain a civil partnership; 20 per cent said that civil partnerships should be removed altogether and 24 per cent said that they did not know or did not mind either way.

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