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Chasing Debt? Advice on Debt Recovery

Posted on 27th March, 2015

The Court fee for commencing claims £15,000 – £200,000 is 5% of the claim’s value.  Previously, the fees for commencing a claim in this range were fixed; if you were commencing a claim to recover £198,000 you will have paid a Court issue fee of £1,315.  Today, to commence a claim for the same amount, you will pay the Court an issue fee of £9,900.  The Court issue fee is always added to the claim and is recoverable from the Defendant.

By pursing the debt pro-actively you are maximising your opportunity to make a full recovery in the shortest possible time.  Recovery of any fee depends on the solvency of the Defendant, therefore we always urge clients to keep a firm handle on outstanding invoices.  The longer an invoice goes unpaid, the higher the risk that the Defendant may be incapable of paying the debt and therefore be insolvent.

Contact us for a bespoke fee quote to take the claim through to conclusion or to discuss any aspect ofDebt Recovery and Commercial Litigation contact Toby Joel on 01642 873765 or email

In any small claim the opportunity to recover costs from an opponent is limited, we can overcome this by dealing with defended claims on the basis of charging a fixed hourly rate up to a cap equal to 20% of the overall value of the debt. Fees will be plus disbursements and Vat.

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