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Should civil partnerships be open to all couples?


There has been a sparked debate recently regarding the issue of couples being treated differently depending on whether they are a same sex-couple or a mixed-sex couple.

Legal Update – Long Term Sick Leave


In O’Brien v Bolton St Catherine’s Academy [2017] EWCA CIV145 the Court of Appeal gave some useful guidance to employers facing the question of when it becomes reasonable to dismiss an employee on long term sickness whose prospects of recovery are possible, but the timing of the recovery is uncl

Jargon Buster – Notice of termination of employment


With the exception of contracts for a fixed term, notice is required to lawfully terminate a contract of employment other than in limited circumstances (discussed below).
The source of information on the parties respective notice requirements is the contract of employment itself.

What rights do grandparents have to have access to their grandchildren?


Quite often, grandparents are denied the right to have access to their grandchildren and the question constantly arises, what are their rights? The unfair truth is that grandparents do not have an automatic right to contact with their grandchildren.

The state is taking the rights away from parents


This is today’s reported comment of Mr Jon Platt. He has lost his case before the Supreme Court in which the decision means that parents cannot expect state schools to be flexible about permitting children to be removed from class attendance for social or pleasure reasons.

Commercial Property Update – Another case raising the question of whether a particular building is or is not “a house”


In an appeal brought by Grosvenor (Mayfair) Estate and Grosvenor West End Properties (the Landlord), the Court of Appeal considered whether an empty property (“the Property”) compromised a house and premises within the meaning of section 2 of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.

SEND Funding


Responding, in part, to concerns raised about funding for special educational needs and disability (SEND) matters, the Department for Education and Ministry of Justice yesterday set out steps to improve disagreement resolution procedures in England.

Is there need for reform in relation to divorces in the UK?


Professor Liz Trinder has published interim findings from Finding Fault in a divorce which has stemmed from the Judgement from Owens v Owens in the Court of Appeal. She has researched whether there is need for reform in UK divorces and is will publish a full report in Autumn 2017.

Probate Fees Petition


A Grant of Probate is normally required from the Court to provide authority to deal with assets for someone that has died.

Testamentary freedom – Landmark decision in Illott v The Blue Cross and others


On 15th March 2017 the Supreme Court handed down a landmark judgment in a daughter’s claim for financial provision against her mother’s estate.

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